1st June 2021 onwards, Service Providing companies can be established only under Professional license. Now foreign investors can own 100% shares in such companies situated in the mainland jurisdiction however, a local service agent is required for the documentation process, unlike LLC Companies.In matters related to governmental applications with the government authorities, the signature of the Local Service Agent is required.

  1. Memorandum of Association

The MOA details the profit-sharing between the partners and is an important tool in protecting the interests of all partners. It must contain the signature of all the partners of the LLC.

  1. Procedure
License Fees (Gov) AED 6000 Approx. charges. Actual price will be charged as per invoice. 1-2 days post signing the MoA agreement.
Trade Name Reservation AED 620
Initial Approval Typing AED 231
DED Service Fee for Trade Name Reservation AED 117
Initial Approval AED 120
DED Service Fee for Initial Approval AED 117
Local Service Agent Fee AED 6000
Local Service Agent Agreement AED 350


Terms and Conditions

The government process listed in the preceding table is an estimate for the services discussed. This summary is not a warranty of the final price. Estimates are subject to change if setup specifications are changed.

The above-listed charges are for 1 shareholder. For more than 1 shareholder, an additional AED 2000 (Gov Fee) will be added to the payment voucher or final Gov invoice.





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