Musaab Ali AlNaqbi

Musaab Ali Al Naqbi

Owner and Senior Legal Counsel

Phone 0558703836


Leader of our firm, is an eminent lawyer with abundant experience of over two decades in various fields of Law. Musaab is highly experienced in a broad range of legal matters, working with the public prosecution department his experience is one like no other. He has also been a senior lawyer in Ali Shamsi Advocates & Legal Consultants, practicing in criminal, civil and corporate legal matters and thereafter with his own firm Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates. Musaab always strives for excellence making sure all his clients receive the best possible legal advice from a top quality team of expert lawyers. His leadership is synonymous to our excellent firm. Although his primary practice is in Dubai, he brings a broad range of international experience in addition to his experience dealing with several government agencies locally

Musaab ensures all his clients get the best possible solution for any of the disputes ranging from a broad range of disciplines. His passion for the law encourages our firm to always give optimum service to any individual who we encounter.