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Best Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Mr. Musaab and his team are experts at handling company registration, assisting with company set-ups for locals and foreigners, and dealing with contract execution matters. Mr. Musaab has a wealth of knowledge and experience undertaking procedures about company incorporation and drafting all documents required. This allows the entrepreneur to focus on the growth and development of the company by successfully eliminating the tension concerning the fulfillment of the administrative and legal requirements. Having the best corporate lawyer on your side makes the process easy and helps to expedite the process.

We provide comprehensive legal advice on both strategic transactions and day-to-day issues faced by our clients. Each of our commercial corporate lawyers analyzes closely our clients’ business and provides them with multiple solutions promptly. By always putting logical and analytical thinking, our team strives truly for the best possible services for your entities.

Among many other agreements, a few; Memorandum of Association (MoA); Distributorship Agreements; Agency Agreements; Supplier Agreements; Franchise Agreements; Trust deeds; Facilities Management Agreements; Investment Agreements; Joint Ventures; Advertising and Marketing Agreements; Mergers&Acquisitions; Share Transfer Agreements; Shareholder Agreements, etc are the drafting service we provide

Commercial Lawyers

Best Commercial Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Mr. Musaab and his team have specialized in various fields of commercial law and offer trusted Company Incorporation Services. For legal assistance in corporate law, feel free to contact our incorporation lawyers in Dubai! We are always ready to assist you.

Services Offered:

  • Company Formation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Commercial Transactions


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Best Business Setup Lawyers in Dubai

Dubai has witnessed huge growth and has emerged as a global and regional business hub. The arrival of several investors has been drawn to set up businesses and companies in the emirate. The entrepreneurs who decide the incorporate of business are the ones who are unaware of the legal requirements of establishing a business entity. Some of them even enter into the competitive market without protecting their legal bases. Therefore, incorporation lawyers are the need of the hour for such entrepreneurs to conduct the business setup and other related procedures in smooth transactions.

Why Should You Consult Best Corporate Lawyers in Dubai for Your Case

Corporate cases undertaken by Corporate Lawyers involve drafting of contracts and reviewing contracts, conducting due diligence, drafting legal opinions, and other services. Corporate lawyers are even responsible for making sure that the corporate transactions are by the laws. They are not only important and necessary for drafting contracts or fulfilling legal requirements, but they are also subject to being ready in case any dispute arises between two or sometimes within the organization. In such cases, they must prepare themselves in advance to avoid any kind of severe consequences.

Hire The Best Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

It is important to know what kind of corporate lawyer you are hiring. The lawyer needs to be the best to get the work done smoothly. A corporate lawyer who turns out to possess the skills that are inclusive of their knowledge of contract law, securities law, intellectual property rights, accounting, DIFC insolvency law, licensing law, bankruptcy, or any other law concerning the business will pose a bonus for your business. Moreover, they tend to provide a good image to the business through skills that involve good communication in the form of professional drafting along with up-to-point negotiation skills. We at Musaab Ali Advocates and Legal Consultants provide the best services.

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Corporate Governance by Corporate Lawyers

The Dubai Association Center has in recent times highlighted the importance of corporate associations in the growth of the country. It is essential for the smooth functioning of any business. It is the system by which a business can be directed and controlled. The corporate governance structure defines the distribution of rights and responsibilities of the members of the company, such as managers, the board of directors, and shareholders.

We offer business-like sensible solutions for directors and shareholders in navigating the ever-changing risk landscape in which domestic and international businesses operate.

Our Corporate Lawyers Cover the Below Services:

  • The rights and equitable treatment of shareholders
  • Diversity and equality within the organisation
  • Standards of integrity and ethical behavior
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Legal compliance and risk management
  • Avoiding abuses of corporate power
  • Financial controls, disclosure, and transparency of finance
  • Diversity and equality within the organisation

Winding up & Liquidation

Closure of business needs to be carried out with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and the Ministry of Economy (MOE) depending upon factors such as Emirates and Various free zones.

When it’s time to close the business, everything needs to be well settled. Liquidation of the company in UAE takes a defined process to make sure it’s legally closed. If not settled and closed legally, there are fines and penalties imposed on the business and the individual owners. We advise and guide on Voluntary or Compulsory Liquidation, de-registration requirements set by the government authorities, effect on employees, sale of assets, and publication in the newspaper until the company’s name is removed from the register of companies and the company is officially said to be closed.

At Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants, we have a team of intensive corporate lawyers, who look after setting up and winding up of Business in the UAE.

Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultants is known for providing thorough, high-quality legal advice and services and treating our clients and lawyers with respect and courtesy.

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What Our Clients Say

Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif
I must say, the experience was exceptional. Mr. Musaab and Mr. Khalifa provided invaluable assistance throughout the legal process. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication ensured that the case was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. I highly recommend Musaab Ali ALNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultants to anyone in need of legal assistance. Their integrity, competence, and personalized approach make them a top choice for legal representation.
Farnaz Iraj momeni
Farnaz Iraj momeni
I am proud of your legal team and I thank God for putting you on our path, and with all your efforts, experience, literacy, and knowledge of God, you have delivered the right to the rightful, and I am proud of you, and I wish you continued prosperity and hope May God put you on the path of worthy people
Taleb Alblushiy
Taleb Alblushiy
السلام عليكم الأخوه والأخوات بدون اي مجامله والله العظيم اني أنا كنت ضايعه والله سخرني لمكتب المحامي مصعب النقبي كانت عندي قضيه مدني من افضل المكاتب المحاماه ليسوا ماديا ولا يطلبون وايد بالعكس تماما هم ساعدوني في استكمال القضيه على الرغم اني ما كان عندي أعطيهم حق المكتب وهم بخصوص الاتصال والتواصل ماشاء الله كل شي اول بأول ويردون علي في اي وقت والحمدلله بفضل رب العالمين وجهود المستشار ندا محمد ما قصر معاي أبدا ومع اي وحده كان يتردد علي الله يعطيه الصحه والعافية اني كسبت القضيه لصالحي الحمدلله رب العالمين جزاهم الله خير على جهودهم المحامي مصعب والمستشار ندا محمد رايته بيضه والله تعاملوا معاهم وراح تشكروني والى الامام اكثر استاذ ندا محمد والمحامي مصعب النقبي الله يبارك لكم ويوفقكم.
Ziwei Zhao
Ziwei Zhao
They are super professional and I was satisfied with their service, they told me very clear about what’s going to happen and I got the same results, appreciate your work.
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed
Assigned couple of works and requested a multiple advises, I would say in short efficient, well experienced in courts and execution procedures, would always recommend them.
Elmira Heshmati
Elmira Heshmati
Absolutely a professional law firm, Mr. Mussab as my lawyer ,with such a strong personality in applying years of experiences in processing the file was appreciable. Well organized communications of his team made the steps easier and less stressed . Thank you
Aysha Abbas
Aysha Abbas
ونعم المحامي شكرا لكم
Rashed Alfalasi
Rashed Alfalasi
افضل مكتب محاماة ، حرفية عالية واهتمام لادق التفاصيل ، والمتابعة مع العميل اول باول. انصح بهم!
Farrah W
Farrah W
Dealt with this company particularly Deepa to organise getting a residence visa She was very professional and extremely helpful and got the job done quickly and efficiently . Can’t recommend her or the company enough

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