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Real Estate Lawyers in Dubai – Hire Top Lawyers for Real Estate Matters

Real Estate law is the area of law that governs the acquisition, use, and sale of real property. Real property includes land and anything attached such as buildings, homes, and natural resources.

Choosing the right legal real estate lawyer representative can result in the saving of millions. We advise on the entire real estate life cycle, including project and corporate structuring, land and real estate acquisition, asset management, approvals, disposals, and leasing. Our clients purchase, sell, finance, lease, and develop real estate property of all types. By already providing several real estate services, our clients have been able to experience professional legal services through us. Further, we also represent our client in court if any legal disputes over real estate matters were to occur. We have several real estate lawyers who are experienced in dealing with real estate matters in both the UAE and overseas.

If you are looking for legal advice and services for Real Estate matters in Dubai, then you are at the right place. Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants are experts in the field of Real Estate law. We have several cases and experience of 2 decades. We provide legal services, legal opinion, and consultations for matters related to Real Estate in UAE. Our team of Lawyers provides the best legal advice and services for your Real Estate needs in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. We also serve internationally. We have lawyers from different countries as part of the team. Look forward to contacting us to know more.

Financial crime risks are very significant in the UAE real estate sector. The 2018 National Risk Assessment highlights the most significant possible money laundering and terrorist financing threats associated with the real estate sector. The usage of cash transactions, a highly internationalized clientele, and the possibility to employ third parties, families, or corporate vehicles to own and manage the property are additional high-risk factors that make the UAE’s real estate market vulnerable to money laundering. Key vulnerabilities in this sector are organized crimes, virtual currencies, fraud, market manipulation, etc.

To combat any wrongdoing involving the real estate industry, consult Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants. Our real estate lawyers are committed to providing insightful guidance on a range of real estate issues. We serve a wide range of clients in all areas of the real estate industry.

Our Services:

We offer a broad range of legal drafting and advice services, such as:

  1. Providing assistance and guidance to individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions;
  2. Drafting and reviewing various essential agreements and contracts relating to real estate such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, leases, title deeds, financing agreements, etc;
  3. Conducting due diligence on a property to identify any legal issues or potential risks/liabilities;
  4. Aiding the clients at the time of closing of the transaction with the buyers;
  5. Drafting legal paperwork, creating title insurance policies, conducting property title searches, and managing the transfer of funds received at the time of acquisition of a property;
  6. Providing legal representation in litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, and;
  7. Ensuring that the transfer is legal, binding, and in the best interest of our client.

Apart from the above services, our real estate property lawyers team’s profound knowledge in the real estate sector enables us to offer a wide range of services including real estate funding and finance, land acquisition, and contracts about buying, selling, or leasing property.

We have been engaged with developers, organizations, contractors, banks, real estate brokers, and individual investors, which enables us to address issues from a distinct viewpoint and bring true value to the services we offer.

Our real estate lawyers team will help you comprehend the legal aspects of real estate, which are essential for preserving your interests; enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Real Estate Property Lawyers in Dubai

The real estate industry is rapidly evolving and growing. The demand is only increasing day by day, Whether you need legal advice on real estate investment, commercial development, acquisition, joint ventures, and partnerships, or you need Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Our legal team is committed to serving you the services. Our team of respected professional Real Estate Property Lawyers in Dubai is one step away from you, contact us today to find out more.


Why Choose Us?

1. Extensive Service

Our firm provides a broad range of real estate legal services geared to fit your specific needs, ranging from property sales and lease agreements to development projects and dispute resolution.

2. Expertise

Our real estate lawyers provide expert advice on a variety of real estate matters. In all facets of the real estate market, we provide services to a broad spectrum of clientele.

3. Client Centric Approach

Our first priority is to help you achieve your objectives. Our team of real estate lawyers and legal experts works directly with you, adjusting our techniques to match your goals and keeping you informed at every turn.

4. Risk Mitigation

We foresee potential legal issues and take measures to avoid them, protecting your investments and reducing the risks involved in real estate development and transactions.

5. Global Perspective

Our in-depth knowledge of real estate local laws and our global perspective make sure that your real estate endeavours are not only legal but also well-positioned for success in a competitive market.


Legal Protection

We Take Care

The Best Lawyer for Real Estate in UAE

Real Estate Lawyers at Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants provide the best legal services, advice, and consultations for Real Estate matters in UAE. We provide a variety of legal services to businesses in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as other countries throughout the world. Our team has a legal experience of two decades. It’s always important and necessary that you know your Real Estate Lawyer and that he is best in for your matter. Therefore, connect to us and know us for better reach. We have a team of the best Real Estate Property Lawyers in Dubai and UAE.

Related to Real Estate Lawyers Services

We provide several legal services to businesses in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as other countries throughout the world. Our team of property lawyers and attorneys collaborate across the globe and practice areas to develop the best solutions for our clients in the following practice areas:

  1. Contract Review and Drafting
  2. Property Disputes and Litigation
  • Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance
  1. New Business Set-Ups
  2. Landlord- Tenant Issues
  3. Real Estate Investment and Compliance
  • Commercial laws and International Transactions compliance
  • Estate Planning and Probate

We at Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants have a team of the best Real Estate lawyers. We have been well known for our litigation and Real Estate law services. Try to reach out to us and get to know us better.

How can a real estate lawyer help me with property disputes?

A real estate lawyer can protect you from the hazards of financial crime and assist you in reducing those risks by keeping you informed about your legal choices. Real Estate Lawyers also prepare documents required for any real estate transactions and are skilled in negotiating with the other party.

What does a real estate lawyer in Dubai do?

A Real Estate Lawyer provides legal assistance relating to all real estate transactions. They also represent clients in case of real estate disputes; and advice on renting a property or resolving rental disputes.

Do I need a real estate lawyer when buying property in Dubai?

Financial crime risks are very significant in the UAE real estate sector. It is therefore always essential to retain a Real Estate Lawyer, even for a trivial real estate transaction.  

Can a real estate lawyer help with property financing and mortgages?

Yes, a Real Estate Lawyer can aid in property financing and mortgages.

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    Farnaz Iraj momeni
    Farnaz Iraj momeni
    I am proud of your legal team and I thank God for putting you on our path, and with all your efforts, experience, literacy, and knowledge of God, you have delivered the right to the rightful, and I am proud of you, and I wish you continued prosperity and hope May God put you on the path of worthy people
    Nads C
    Nads C
    After many months, today we had the best news ever and we found out that our case is finally closed. I contacted Mussab Ali Al Naqbi lawyers a few months back as my husband had a criminal case. Their service has been impeccable from start to finish. As soon as I sent them my enquiry I received a call from Mr Saad, who was very reassuring and very detailed in what to expect and how to move forward. We were invited to their office where we met with Mr Khalifa, who put us at ease and talked to us to make sure we understood everything and that we now had a plan in place, so we didn't need to worry. We then started the hearings and the proceeding. Every time we were contacted beforehand to make sure we were ready, we were accompanied by Mr Musaab Ali inside the courtroom who represented us in a very professional way and also explained to us what was happening after every single hearing. Then Mr Khalifa accompanied me throughout all the bureaucracy, the various offices in the courthouse, the public prosecution and all the other processes. He was always available and ready to answer my million questions. He kept updating me and he lifted up my spirit when I was really stressed and really worried. It felt like I was with my family. Honestly, all the staff was amazing. I cannot express how happy I am today and I would recommend anyone to contact them if you need a good lawyer on your side that is not just in it for the financial gain, but they truly and genuinely care. A BIG BIG BIG thanks to all, Mr Mussaab, Mr Khalifa, Mr Saada and Mr Basit. You are my superstars :) . May God bless you all. Thanks again
    Adnan Asif
    Adnan Asif
    I must say, the experience was exceptional. Mr. Musaab and Mr. Khalifa provided invaluable assistance throughout the legal process. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication ensured that the case was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. I highly recommend Musaab Ali ALNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultants to anyone in need of legal assistance. Their integrity, competence, and personalized approach make them a top choice for legal representation.
    Taleb Alblushiy
    Taleb Alblushiy
    السلام عليكم الأخوه والأخوات بدون اي مجامله والله العظيم اني أنا كنت ضايعه والله سخرني لمكتب المحامي مصعب النقبي كانت عندي قضيه مدني من افضل المكاتب المحاماه ليسوا ماديا ولا يطلبون وايد بالعكس تماما هم ساعدوني في استكمال القضيه على الرغم اني ما كان عندي أعطيهم حق المكتب وهم بخصوص الاتصال والتواصل ماشاء الله كل شي اول بأول ويردون علي في اي وقت والحمدلله بفضل رب العالمين وجهود المستشار ندا محمد ما قصر معاي أبدا ومع اي وحده كان يتردد علي الله يعطيه الصحه والعافية اني كسبت القضيه لصالحي الحمدلله رب العالمين جزاهم الله خير على جهودهم المحامي مصعب والمستشار ندا محمد رايته بيضه والله تعاملوا معاهم وراح تشكروني والى الامام اكثر استاذ ندا محمد والمحامي مصعب النقبي الله يبارك لكم ويوفقكم.
    Ziwei Zhao
    Ziwei Zhao
    They are super professional and I was satisfied with their service, they told me very clear about what’s going to happen and I got the same results, appreciate your work.
    Mahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed
    Assigned couple of works and requested a multiple advises, I would say in short efficient, well experienced in courts and execution procedures, would always recommend them.
    Elmira Heshmati
    Elmira Heshmati
    Absolutely a professional law firm, Mr. Mussab as my lawyer ,with such a strong personality in applying years of experiences in processing the file was appreciable. Well organized communications of his team made the steps easier and less stressed . Thank you
    Aysha Abbas
    Aysha Abbas
    ونعم المحامي شكرا لكم
    Rashed Alfalasi
    Rashed Alfalasi
    افضل مكتب محاماة ، حرفية عالية واهتمام لادق التفاصيل ، والمتابعة مع العميل اول باول. انصح بهم!

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