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Best Family Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Family law is a branch of the law that deals with family-related concerns. The United Arab Emirates is a country comprising multi-religious and multi-cultural individuals. In UAE, each person has the freedom to practice his or her law about family affairs. Sharia law is applicable for Muslims and non-Muslims are free to practice their laws.

Our Family lawyers team has a specialization in offering guidance and assistance in a broad range of challenges that families may encounter regardless of their religious beliefs. As family law, deals with the relationships and rights of individuals within a family, our family law experts handle such situations with care and make sure to respect the individual’s privacy.

Top Family Lawyers in UAE

Mr. Musaab is the leading legal expert in family law in the United Arab Emirates, having experience of more than 20 years of practice in Dubai, UAE. Given the longevity of Mr. Musaab’s career, marked by very clear-cut and specific legal advice given to clients over the years, Mr. Musaab is regularly requested by foreign courts to provide his opinion on matters related to family law.

Mr. Musaab has also regularly provided his expert opinion on the Validity of pre and post-nuptial agreements, UAE laws on Divorce, which includes the enforceability and validity of mutual divorce in the UAE, Division of Property and Maintenance to wife and children, Law on Guardianship as well as Custody, etc.

Our Services:

Our team comprising top Dubai Family lawyers, offers a wide range of services pertaining to family matters, such as:
1. Marriage:
2. Divorce: Our Family lawyers provide legal support to clients seeking to dissolve their marriage or domestic partnership. Our top Family lawyers represent the clients in divorce proceedings, assist the clients in deciding about the finance-related aspects, and in case of separation, settle and draft the settlement agreements.
3. Child Custody and Visitation: In the event of divorce or separation, there arises the issue of child custody and visitation. When dealing with such circumstances, you can be at ease as our top Family attorneys represent clients in custody disputes, assist in designing parenting strategies, and visitation schedules, and guide in modifying the custody arrangements.
4. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Our Family attorneys are skilled in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements which are drafted in order to protect the rights and assets of the clients.
5. Domestic Violence: Our Family lawyers represent clients in Domestic violence cases and strive their best to obtain a restraining order against the opponent party. Our experts also provide support to domestic violence victims.
6. Alimony: Our Family lawyers assist in determining the alimony eligibility, modifications of alimony orders if any, and drafting spousal support agreements.
7. Inheritance: Our Family attorneys assist the clients in the equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Our Family attorneys are skilled in safeguarding the property rights of the clients at the time of divorce or separation.
8. Child support: Our Family lawyers represent clients at the hearings pertaining to child support, modifications, and enforcement of child support orders if any, and assist in calculating the child support payments in accordance with UAE regulations.
9. Counselling and guidance: Our top Family attorneys provide legal advice and guidance on all aspects of family law. Our team also informs clients of their rights and available options in the event of a family disagreement, so that they are better equipped to make wise choices.

Family law Expert in UAE

Mr. Musaab, licensed as an Advocate in UAE, has dealt with innumerable family law matters, which have often been complex, having high stakes and multi-jurisdictional, where he dealt with utmost care, ease and professionalism. He is highly regarded as the top family law expert in the country.

His depth knowledge on family law issues, coupled with the expertise that Mr. Musaab exhibits while advising clients, makes him one of the most sought-after legal experts in the country. Specializing in drafting statements of claims, memoranda and other legal documents, Mr. Musaab provides legal consultation for all kinds of litigation.

As one of the leading voices in the UAE legal fraternity, Mr. Musaab’s comments have been sought by local and international media too. He is known for his valuable insight on the local laws and very often he is sought by international media for his views on the UAE laws. His strong knowledge of the UAE legal system and through successful track record of professional achievement, make Mr. Musaab renowned in a crucial situation.

In case you wish to dissolve your relationship or any dispute relating to child custody, alimony, guardianship, or any other family issue, Contact MUSAAB ALI ALNAQBI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANT the best Family lawyers in Dubai. Our Family attorneys guide clients through emotionally difficult situations and ensure that their legal rights are upheld.


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1. Extensive Service

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2. Expertise

Our real estate lawyers provide expert advice on a variety of real estate matters. In all facets of the real estate market, we provide services to a broad spectrum of clientele.

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Best UAE Family Law Firm in Dubai

Legal proceedings can guarantee you success when you have the right divorce lawyer on your end. If you want to be ahead of the opposition, you should take control of divorce matters, including separation, financial settlements, and children issues, and for that, you need control and a clear strategy. You should consult the best divorce lawyer in Dubai.

Family Law in the UAE follows the principles of Sharia and all residents are bound to follow the principles of Sharia unless they decide to choose the option of their country’s laws in any family matter. A Top Law firm can assist you in any family matter such as divorce in the UAE, child custody in the UAE, maintenance for wife and children, imposing travel bans on spouse and children, child abduction, drafting pre or post-nuptial agreement, etc. Therefore, it is very important to always try and seek assistance from the best Family lawyers in Dubai or any other Emirate in UAE to handle your family matters.

Best Family Lawyers & Top Divorce Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Mr. Musaab along with his team of family & divorce lawyers at Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultancy will help you stay one step ahead in your matter during this difficult time.

The divorce dilemma has a big impact on one’s finances and well-being, so you should be sure of the people who will represent you, Mr. Musaab formulates a strategic approach from different angles so there might be a chance that an idea brought up during discussion will be the most significant legal contribution in your divorce case.

If you are a person who wants to control a clear strategy. Don’t waste your time and second thoughts and contact us now. Dubai-based divorce lawyers offer the best legal assistance for your case.

Guardianship in UAE

Article No. 181 of the UAE Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005 states that guardianship shall be granted to the father, not to the mother. The mother cannot be granted guardianship even if the father agrees. If the court decides to take guardianship away from the father, it must be granted to another male person in the family.

The legal guardian is entitled to visit the child regularly under. The custodian, usually the mother, cannot move the child permanently to another country if it prevents the guardian from exercising contact with the child.

Visitation can also be decided amicably between the parties through the settlement agreement registered with the court. Both parties should honor the settlement agreement and should any party breach the settlement agreement, a complaint can be filed with the family court for such a breach.

Best Family Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

If you are facing any kind of legal trouble in a family related to marriage, divorce, child custody, or inheritance, you need a good family lawyer in Dubai on your side. We at Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants have a team of experienced family lawyers in Dubai to help you provide the guidance and expertise you need at such challenging times. Our services Include:

  • Divorce / Mutual Divorce
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Marital Agreements/ Marriage Registrations
  • Inheritance and Wills
  • Travel Ban
  • Foreign Judgment Executions

We at Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants have an intensive team of experienced Family lawyers. We collaborate closely with our clients to learn and address their legal concerns effectively. Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultants take pride in guiding each client through the complexities of their legal matters, offering the best solutions to their specific needs.

What Does a Family Lawyer in Dubai Handle?

A Family Lawyer in Dubai handles all family-related issues including Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Alimony, etc.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help with Divorce Proceedings?

A Family lawyer represents the clients in divorce proceedings, assists the clients in deciding about the finance-related aspects.

What's the Role of a Family Lawyer in Inheritance Matters?

The major role of a Family Lawyer is to assist the clients in the equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities.

How Do I Choose the Right Family Lawyer in Dubai?

You must make sure the attorney you choose has solid expertise and is knowledgeable about all relevant legal aspects of family law. 

Consult MUSAAB ALI AL NAQBI Advocates & Legal Consultant for the best services. 

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    Adnan Asif
    Adnan Asif
    I must say, the experience was exceptional. Mr. Musaab and Mr. Khalifa provided invaluable assistance throughout the legal process. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication ensured that the case was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. I highly recommend Musaab Ali ALNaqbi Advocates & Legal Consultants to anyone in need of legal assistance. Their integrity, competence, and personalized approach make them a top choice for legal representation.
    Farnaz Iraj momeni
    Farnaz Iraj momeni
    I am proud of your legal team and I thank God for putting you on our path, and with all your efforts, experience, literacy, and knowledge of God, you have delivered the right to the rightful, and I am proud of you, and I wish you continued prosperity and hope May God put you on the path of worthy people
    Taleb Alblushiy
    Taleb Alblushiy
    السلام عليكم الأخوه والأخوات بدون اي مجامله والله العظيم اني أنا كنت ضايعه والله سخرني لمكتب المحامي مصعب النقبي كانت عندي قضيه مدني من افضل المكاتب المحاماه ليسوا ماديا ولا يطلبون وايد بالعكس تماما هم ساعدوني في استكمال القضيه على الرغم اني ما كان عندي أعطيهم حق المكتب وهم بخصوص الاتصال والتواصل ماشاء الله كل شي اول بأول ويردون علي في اي وقت والحمدلله بفضل رب العالمين وجهود المستشار ندا محمد ما قصر معاي أبدا ومع اي وحده كان يتردد علي الله يعطيه الصحه والعافية اني كسبت القضيه لصالحي الحمدلله رب العالمين جزاهم الله خير على جهودهم المحامي مصعب والمستشار ندا محمد رايته بيضه والله تعاملوا معاهم وراح تشكروني والى الامام اكثر استاذ ندا محمد والمحامي مصعب النقبي الله يبارك لكم ويوفقكم.
    Ziwei Zhao
    Ziwei Zhao
    They are super professional and I was satisfied with their service, they told me very clear about what’s going to happen and I got the same results, appreciate your work.
    Mahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed
    Assigned couple of works and requested a multiple advises, I would say in short efficient, well experienced in courts and execution procedures, would always recommend them.
    Elmira Heshmati
    Elmira Heshmati
    Absolutely a professional law firm, Mr. Mussab as my lawyer ,with such a strong personality in applying years of experiences in processing the file was appreciable. Well organized communications of his team made the steps easier and less stressed . Thank you
    Aysha Abbas
    Aysha Abbas
    ونعم المحامي شكرا لكم
    Rashed Alfalasi
    Rashed Alfalasi
    افضل مكتب محاماة ، حرفية عالية واهتمام لادق التفاصيل ، والمتابعة مع العميل اول باول. انصح بهم!
    Farrah W
    Farrah W
    Dealt with this company particularly Deepa to organise getting a residence visa She was very professional and extremely helpful and got the job done quickly and efficiently . Can’t recommend her or the company enough

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