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U.A.E criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic Sharia. Our office has a team of criminal lawyers who represent clients accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the U.A.E. Our criminal defense lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and finally in criminal court. We have an expert team with intensive experience in public prosecution and other criminal matters. With the combination of local and international legal experience, we ensure that our client is represented fairly to ensure the best advice they can receive to solve their criminal case.

With most of our senior criminal defense lawyers involved with various criminal cases in UAE, we are heavily experienced in several criminal matters. We uphold strong values of trust and commitment to all of our clients, especially in criminal cases. Our lawyers are committed to acting fast in any criminal matter, including representing our clients before a court of law.


Are you facing criminal charges or being accused of a criminal offense?

Musaab Ali Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants specialize in criminal defense, we strive for the excellence of our team, providing the best legal service for you.

At Musaab Ali AlNaqbi Advocates and Consultants we specialize in criminal defense and provide exceptional legal representation to individuals caught in the complexities of the criminal justice system

Our team of highly experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai understands the seriousness of the criminal charge & the life-altering effects they have on you. Let us fight for your rights & work towards securing a favorable resolution to your case.

Contact Musaab Ali Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultant today to Schedule a Confidential consultation with one of our top criminal defense lawyers.

Criminal Lawyer

Why Choose Us

1. Expertise

Our criminal lawyers expert team has concentrated their practice on criminal law and have developed full awareness of its complexities and subtleties.

2. Research and analysis

Our team comprising of skilled criminal defense lawyer are adept at performing in-depth legal research in compiling pertinent data, cases, and precedents that can be used to create a compelling defense plan.

3. Negotiation

Our experts are skilled in strong negotiation skills which is very essential in attaining the best possible outcome of a case.

4. Case preparation

Our criminal attorneys are skilled in preparing strong defense strategies which includes presenting evidence, examining witnesses, reviewing the documents of the opponent etc.

5. Confidentiality

Our team protects the privacy of client information. Our attorneys ensure that the privacy and security of all sensitive information disclosed by clients is safe.


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What Does a Criminal Lawyer in Dubai Do?

The major role of a Criminal Lawyer is to represent clients in criminal courts and ensure that justice prevails. Some of the duties of a Criminal lawyer are to assist the client in police interrogations, prepare documents to be presented before the court, adopt the best defense strategy for his client, in-depth study of the documents, mitigate risks, prompt action, etc.

How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help Me if I'm Accused of a Crime?

It is always advisable to hire an expert in case you are accused of a crime. Criminal attorneys are always more qualified to provide you with favorable results due to their knowledge and expertise.ย 

For further clarification, you can refer to our blog HIRING A DUBAI CRIMINAL LAWYER: AN INVESTMENT OR EXPENSE

What Types of Criminal Cases Do Dubai Lawyers Handle?

Personal Crimes such as battery and assault, arson, defamation, domestic violence, homicide, abduction and kidnapping, sex-related crimes, etc. Property and Financial Crimes like theft, bank fraud, cheque bounce, credit card fraud, corporate fraud, abetment, conspiracy, forgery, etc.

Do I Need to Be Present in Dubai If I'm Facing Criminal Charges?

Your presence in Dubai depends on the circumstances of your case and various criteria such as Jurisdiction, Law applicable, Travel restrictions, Bail, etc.

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