Nada Mohammed

Senior Legal Consultant


Phone +1-2454-2345-22


Nada Mohamed is an excellent, top tier and result-driven lawyer with over 26+ years of experience in the industry he has had first hand experience internationally as well as in the UAE. Graduating from Alexandria with an LLB he has a highly diverse background in all legal areas, always providing the best possible legal advice for his clients. Mr. Nada strives on putting the client first, his passion for law is unmatched as he is able to find a solution to the most complex of disputes. With certifications for Arbitration from London and International institutions he is well equipped and experienced in arbitration services. In addition, he has had experience in Criminal Cases with experience in public prosecution, policing and procedural issues. His expertise extends to working with various government agencies in the UAE, with a strong ability to offer several solutions to clients.

Nada is also fluent in Arbitration Proceedings in the UAE as he has handled several cases that involve assisting a diverse range of corporations in any disputes. Along with all his expertise, he is proficient in all legal frameworks, being able to draft and read the law to our client’s interest. He is licensed from the Special Arbitration Unit in London, The International Court of Resolution Dispute and The International Arbitration Organization in Egypt. Nada is a valuable asset to our firm.