How a Dubai Criminal Lawyer Prepares Your Defense Strategy

The Sharia law, which is the Islamic moral code and religious law, is the primary model for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) penal code. It comprises a set of rules that describe the methodology and procedures for criminal investigation, the trial of accused, rendering judgement, conditions for appealing judgement at courts and the enforcement of judgement.
The criminal proceedings in Dubai are cumbersome. Although facing criminal accusations can be intimidating, retaining the services of our Firm consisting of the top criminal lawyers in Dubai, can help you get through the legal process and win your case. Our legal experts have the knowledge, experience, and strategic thinking to assist you in putting together a stronger defence and winning your case.
The procedure adopted by our criminal lawyers are:

  • in-depth analysing of the allegations made against you.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of every facet of the case.
  • Compile information.
  • Speak with witnesses.
  • Hunt for holes in the prosecution’s case.

Our criminal defense lawyers will be able to put together a strong defense that will undermine the prosecution’s case and plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the judge and jury.
Our team shall provide their support in following ways:
Assistance in Police interviews:
For a layperson, going through a police interview might be challenging because of all the questions that could come up regarding his rights, how he should engage with the officers, etc. However, one may deal with such circumstances with ease if they are guided by our team of criminal experts.
Representations and Negotiations in the Court of law:
Our top criminal lawyers represent clients in criminal courts and ensure that the justice prevails. The clients are well informed of all the procedural legal difficulties so that they can be at ease during the trail of the case. Our criminal defense lawyers are very skilled in presenting cases to the court. Our attorney’s systematic presentation of their legal arguments and supporting documentation increases the likelihood that the defense will prevail in court. Our skilled attorneys can determine the potential deficiencies in the prosecution case and plan their strategy accordingly. Our team comprising of experienced criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the various sources available to them in order to obtain the evidence required for their client’s defense. Our attorneys shall evaluate the statements given by the key witnesses to the incident that led to the client’s arrest.
Negotiating with the prosecution is another effective tactic which is adopted by our criminal attorneys.
Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled negotiators who use their knowledge to secure the best outcome for their clients. By utilizing their connections with prosecutors, they can also bargain better conditions for their clients.
Our experts shall assist the clients till the final outcome of the proceedings. Due to the assistance of our professionals, clients will be in a better position to deal with any situation.
The foundation of a defense plan is the accused person’s innocence or justifiable guilt. The defense invokes the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” as it is for the prosecution to establish the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The best defense strategy is to gather loopholes in the evidence. The defense strategy is based on several approaches:
Alibi: At the time of the offense, the defendant was somewhere else. It is more likely that the defendant will prevail in court if the defendant’s absence from the scene of the crime could be proven by the defense.
Misidentification of person: Incorrect witness identification is a major source for incorrect accusations. This may occur if a suspect’s description resembles that of a criminal, if a witness believes a suspect committed a crime because of the circumstances, or if the suspect is attempting to cover up a crime, they themselves committed.
Circumstantial evidence: The prosecution’s case is not supported by any material evidence or eyewitness. There is a chance that the defense would prevail in such circumstances.
Biased/unreliable witnesses: Any biased/unreliable witnesses are not admissible in Court.
Entrapment: It happens when a normally law-abiding citizen commits an offense because of intimidation, coercion, or law enforcement going too far to persuade someone to violate the law.
Police misconduct: During investigations, some law enforcement agents behave improperly. Police officers might want to hide an error they made during their initial investigation, or they might just be certain a suspect is guilty and act improperly to make a better case.
By retaining our services, you can significantly raise your chances of success. Our Dubai criminal lawyers team will investigate the allegations made against you, bargain with the prosecution, check for any procedural errors, select the best strategy for your defense, and assist you in building a compelling case.
Feel free to contact Musaab Ali AlNaqbi a top-tier leading legal consultants firms if you or someone you know is being investigated for a crime. Our legal team can assist you in defending your legal interests and securing the best result for your case.

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